Laughing lightens the heart

In the moments when my anxiety has been heaviest, I have discovered that laughter helps me heal. Whether a students makes silly jokes, my husband tries to lighten my burdens, or my dogs are just weird; laughing makes it all seem less painful. 

I have learned that laughing about my struggle with anxiety has truly made the disorder less powerful. Before, I use to keep it hidden in the darkness, but now I can bring it to light and view it with humor. 

Remember to find moments to laugh! You won’t regret it! 


10 thoughts on “Laughing lightens the heart

  1. My anxiety is all about me trying to control what I have no hope of controlling. If I think about it, that is pretty ridiculous…and funny.:0)I know it is a healthier choice to laugh at myself, than it is to take myself seriously, as I try to carry the weight of the world on my back. However, when I’m in the throes of anxiety, I can’t always make that choice. During those times, I have to reach much deeper, hang on, and soothe myself when it is over. I have struggled so hard to ‘control’ my anxiety and that’s pretty funny too…what I need to do is focus on letting go! So…today, I’m letting go and laughing at myself with you!

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