Exhausted by fun!

Tonight I could barely bring myself to post because I am so exhausted from our trip to the zoo! I love that my family, ages 25-62, was excited to go to the zoo! Neither my brother or I have children, but we all had a blast! 


No one knew I was taking their picture here! HAHA!! My dad in the background is hilarious! And my husband is trying to help my mom with her phone and my brother is watching the elephants!   

7 thoughts on “Exhausted by fun!

  1. I’ve mentioned it several times in my posts now you can atest to it. The Columbus Zoo is the best zoo in the country. I’m glad you got to visit it and I hope you are enjoying your time in the city. Columbus is my hub and I love it dearly. Let me know if your looking for anything else to do or eat in the city. I’m full of recommendations!


  2. I love zoos too!we live in south west missouri and have been to virtually every zoo in a 250 mile radius of home, plus several quite a ways further out! My wife, my sons and I support Friends of the Zoo. Conservation of life is important!

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