Bittersweetly back home

it is always difficult leaving my family back in Ohio and coming back home to Arizona. We are such a close family and it is so hard to be separated by so many hundreds of miles. However, this trip was fantastic and I loved being able to spend quality time with them. My husband was able to go back to my hometown and see my extended family again and enjoy being gushed over. He hadn’t been back for the last two years. It was hard for him to get to Ohio while he was getting his masters. 

As difficult as it is to say goodbye, I love the life I have built out here in Arizona. I feel like I have flourished into the woman God has designed me to be, and there are have been so many wonderful things out here. My husband. My career. My friends. And of course my dogs! 

Technology has made a huge difference because whenever I miss my parents or brother, I can FaceTime them or just shoot them a text! 

Here are some pictures of my husband and I traveling back to Arizona yesterday! 


2 thoughts on “Bittersweetly back home

  1. Isn’t it nice to have Skype and facetime…I love that we can stay in touch with family in Germany and watch all the babies grow up…what I really loved in my life happened a few years ago, I was away on a trip to see my aging mom, in Washington state, my home state that always felt like home, well coming home, I drove, when I crossed into California, it was the first time I ever felt like I was coming home, truly home to my home, not that of my childhood….all of a sudden I felt very grown up and I was in my 50’s…..funny how life is……glad you enjoyed yourself….

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