Look Beyond the Bad 

There are always going to be frightening things happening around us ranging from family crisis all the way to ecomomic scandal and war. However, many of these events are beyond our control. As scary as it seems, there is little we can do to change that fact. However, there is something we can control. Our minds. Our perspectives. Our actions. We can control the way we are effected by personal and world events.

I believe we need to keep our minds permanently focused on the positive and help those around us do the same. When we think about all the bad that is going on around us it is easy to become afraid. Afraid to live our lives to the fullest. Afraid to step beyond our comfort zones. But if we continuethis mindset we will miss the good things in life. There are so many wonderful things going on around us but they are often overshadowed by the bad. We must continue to look for these events and hold them closely to our hearts. We must choose to stay focused on positivity.

3 thoughts on “Look Beyond the Bad 

  1. Sadly, yes, “bad” things will happen around us and to us in our lives. That’s reality.
    I really like the idea of the “positive reframe”, which is about knowing we will cope and be OK, whatever the circumstances. So, not so much “it’s all fine” (when it clearly isn’t) but “I’m OK in this, even though I’m not liking it at all!”. In effect, rather than control my reactions to a situation, I am trusting my reactions and consequent actions to support me.

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