5 thoughts on “Ode to Calorie Cutting

  1. Because the minute we think we can’t have something it becomes ALL WE WANT! Reframing the “I’m not going to eat xyz” to “I’m going to eat really healthily” can help. Also, try looking beyond the delicious/forbidden thing to the ultimate goal – the “Away From” motivation is great to kick-start a change in routine, but for long-lasting effects we absolutely need to know where we are going “Towards”!
    So, where is your “Towards” – is it a particular gorgeous dress or swimsuit? An event where you’ll feel fabulous, knowing you look amazing? Or is it health and stamina – being able to run upstairs (or much further afield!)? Really enriching the “Towards” image, using all your senses, is helpful – so what will you feel? How will you look? What will people say to you, or you to them? How will you move? Then keep your focus on that…


  2. Keep going! Calorie cutting, even for training atheletes is hard, especially when we eat for fun/boredom. You’ll begin to feel better soon, make sure you eat lots of fruit, veg, and complex carbs that will keep you fuller for longer! 🙂

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  3. Do do you how many yummy fruits and veggies you can have that are soooo low in calories that you will never have to be hungry….and overeat all you want till your so full you can’t move…..you can do it….hang in there….3 days off the yeast and sugar products and you will stop growling at yourself…..

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