Mundane Excitement 

For the past week or so, I have harbored a deep excitement about going back to work to set up my classroom! I have actually been counting down the days! It’s a little sad actually, but I truly love decorating my classroom. Every year I end up moving rooms so I get to start over, decor wise. I have been Pinning on Pinterest all summer and I am ready to get started! 

No, I am not saying I am ready for summer to be over, because I am not quite ready for that yet. But I am thrilled to begin organizing and decorating! 

This exhilaration tells me that I am in the right career. LOL! 

6 thoughts on “Mundane Excitement 

  1. Not only do your kids appreciate your personal touches, but the parents do too! There was only one year that I took one of my daughters to school and we were so sad to walk into a bare classroom. I remember looking at all of the colorful rooms nearby and worrying about the year to come. So just remember, the adults appreciate all that extra effort you put into make our kids feel welcomed and loved.

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