First Day

Today was my first day with the students in my classes. I have two groups of kids: a 7th grade class and an 8th grade one. Both classes have wonderful students in them, and they were very positive today. Every student I talked with was excited to be there and looking forward to a new year that was full of learning. I love that they were so into the whole experience!

I had been experiencing some anxiety leading up to the day, just because I am never good with the unknown, and I feel nervous about starting fresh. However, in hindsight, I feel like I didn’t need to worry. I had everything planned and set up for when the students came in. Even during times when we finished assignments early, I was able to quickly move into another activity and the students went well with the changes. Once the day kicked off I didn’t have any anxiety. However, if you would have looked at my anxiety yesterday, it would have been off the charts! I am so glad that it is all gone now and things are looking positive! 🙂

I hope all of you had a good day, and if you didn’t I hope you remember never to give up and to keep pushing onward.

12 thoughts on “First Day

  1. you are a wonderful person, the kids of course are going to love you….your room is fabulous …you got this in the bag…..relax and enjoy the year, sounds like you have a couple good groups of kids….

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    • This is our first year starting this early. We are on a modified year round schedule. Pretty much meaning that we have a six week summer and then two weeks off at the end of every nine weeks we are in school. It stinks that our summers are short but it is awesome that we have two weeks time off September, December and March!

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