Love in the dark places

I truly believe that those who are difficult to love, are the ones who need it the most. I have been trying to keep my eyes open to those who seem to be difficult. I mostly focus on my students and remember when they give me attitude and are undeniably difficult, I remember that there must be something more going on in their life. I remember when someone saw through my tough exterior and knew I needed love.Β large

13 thoughts on “Love in the dark places

  1. I think of myself as difficult to love. I don’t laugh easily and shun physical contact with all but the closest of the close. I don’t celebrate events (birthdays, raises, whatever) because I don’t like being the center of attention and prefer quiet evenings at home. Based on how others respond to me, I don’t come across as angry – just uninvolved at best and melancholy at worst. That’s actually a plus, because I don’t want to give the impression of anger.

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  2. You are right! There is always a deeper reason why one acts that way. I read a book called “Inner Self” many years ago. I can’t even remember the author but the book says, the person acts a certain way because of an experience in the past he may or may not remember. It’s embedded deep inside him..
    Whenever I encounter difficult people, I always try to think of the “inner self concept” as it helps me understand that there’s more about them that I don’t see. It helps me understand people better.. ✽_✽ ❀︎ laineyloveslife

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