Anxious today

I think my stress levels are catching up with me and I am feeling very anxious tonight. I just need to lay in bed and relax. Cuddle my puppies, snuggle my husband and read my book. I need to remember that I may be uncomfortable right now, but I am not always going to be that way. It will pass and I will be stronger! I just have to hang on! 

It will pass! 

14 thoughts on “Anxious today

  1. Sounds like your having a normal reaction to being a teacher….how could you not be anxious sometimes, you have a lot on your plate, and I personally think your doing a wonderful job…..deep breaths, this to will pass and the sun will come up and all will be good….

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  2. Puppies and husbands, cuddles and snuggles – they are perfect medicine for anxiety…and anything else for that matter! Sending hugs. I understand all too well what anxiety can do to a person. But yes, it does pass and it can not break us.


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