In spite of how I feel

I feel I am being constantly reminded that I must move forward with positivity in spite of my feelings. Over the last few weeks I have felt defeated by stress and anxiety (mild), but God has been reminding me that feeling emotions is ok. It’s ok to be stressed, anxious, mad, and furious, but it is NOT OK to let those emotions control us and the way we live our lives. 

Emotions are normal and healthy. If we suppress them, we can run into problems both mentally and physically. We need to find a healthy way to express them and be able to move forward afterwards. It’s not alright for me to feel overwhelmed and instantly give up. However, I can be overwhelmed but express my feeling to those around me so I can continue to move forward. 

It is important for us to not beat ourselves up when we get upset or sad. It’s normal. It’s alright. Just don’t let it take over. 

9 thoughts on “In spite of how I feel

  1. I think when you’re struggling with anxiety, no matter what stage you’re in, the most important thing is to admit it. If you put on a positive and relaxed face all the time you just suppress how you really feel. Denial only causes more frustration and eventually more anxiety. It’s OK to feel crap from time to time. That’s part of the way of getting better. xx

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  2. Always be true to your emotions.. Of course in your profession you can’t go to work and crab at the kids all day…but its okay not to be bubbly and chipper all the time…..if you feel like crap….elwell wear it with pride…lol. The used to warn my boss on days I felt like using a chain saw to the desk….she would always set a glass of water, 2 advil, and some rosemary or lavender (to smell for calming effects) quietly by my desk lol….as I would her on her rage days… Nothing wrong with showing emotions…..

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  3. In the words of Deepak Chopra when you are facing a challenging situation or feeling, his advice is to STOP – S=Stop, T=Take 3 deep breaths, O=Observe what’s happening inside you, then P=Proceed with kindness

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