Night sweats?

I know this is TMI, but Ever since I can remember I have woken up in the middle of the night completely soaked. The seats around me would look like someone poured water on them and I would have to change my pjs. This doesn’t happen every night, but it seems to happen mostly when I am in a deep sleep. Apparently, this also happens to my mom And brother. 

I never thought anything about this until my husband saw an ad in the newspaper for a dr who specializes in night sweats. When I googled it (for a woman with anxiety, I know Google is risky lol) it was all related to menopause. I don’t think that is what it is, considering how young I was when it all started. 

Do any of you get night sweats? And what do you do to help? 


15 thoughts on “Night sweats?

  1. i get all kinds of sweaty during certain weeks in my cycle… im 39 tomorrow and in the throws of perimenopause. good times… But, perhaps it is just more hormone related?! i do think it can be stress related too! or diet related, or just something your body needs to do?

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  2. I have had night sweats since the end of January and thought it was because of my meds (Zoloft). Now I am 90% sure that it is because of peri-menopause. Once I stopped Zoloft, the night sweats continued on to this day. I am on Seasonique, which is a form of birth control (strictly for my moods and to level out estrogen levels) and it is supposed to help with night sweats and hot flashes. Curiously, I don’t suffer from daytime hot flashes, only at night. I wake up at 2:30 AM each night, drenched in sweat and need to change clothes. I usually start shivering because I get chilled and have to lay a towel down on the bed because it is so wet. I even bought a waterproof mattress pad which is awesome. I used to get really embarrassed about it but my partner has never complained and doesn’t mind. The GOOD NEWS is senior discounts are not far off lol.

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  3. Hi, there! Followed you from Stuck in the Middle. 🙂 I have fibromyalgia, which was only recently diagnosed (I am 40), but is present from childhood. It is a systemic disorder, meaning of course that it affects all body systems. I frequently wake up with these night sweats. If you have other symptoms it might be worth looking into…fibro is difficult sometimes to have diagnosed because it does mimic (or is comprised of) so many other things.

    Lori 🙂


  4. I started getting bad night sweats this year, like waking up sopping wet and the sheets drenched. I was terrified that it was a sign of early menopause (I’m only 31 and no kids yet but very keen to have them soon). Went to doctor and they ran a whole host of tests, but no significant results. Just a side effect of chronic pain meds they think. I would see your doctor though if I were you because it is super scary. I still get them but at least the fear is gone now. X

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