Baby on the Brain

Over the last few months, I have written a few posts about my baby fever. With work back in full swing, after an amazing summer off, baby fever took a back seat. However, last night I had a dream that we were pregnant and the fever is back with a renewed vitality! To take the edge off, I have been pinning baby articles on Pinterest and watching Netflix.

We are talking about starting to try for a baby when the New Year comes around, and I have to admit that with the excitement, there is nervousness. Like, what happens to my anxiety when I go off my medication? What if I am sick the whole time? Will labor be 24 hours long? These are the questions that go through my head as the new year gets closer and closer.

For all you mothers out there, how did you handle the fears of pregnancy and motherhood? Was there any way you helped calm your fears? And also, what do you do when you have an anxiety disorder and you’re pregnant?

Thank you for your support!!

9 thoughts on “Baby on the Brain

  1. Wow! I can’t believe I am reading this!! My husband and I decided to start trying a few weeks ago and I have all of the same fears… I discussed it with my psych nurse as I am terrified to stop my mess since it took so long to get me stable. She gave me a reference of an organization that specializes in counseling for pregnancy and med use. The website is and I called the number and they were wonderful! I gave them a list of all my meds and the director of the program reviewed the risks and benefits of each one with me. I have decided to keep my meds as the risks are smaller than you might think. She even will help me if I choose to breastfeed with knowing when to “pump and dump” at the peak med times. (This is all a free service by the way) I like you am terrified but excited at the same time.

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  2. I would offer advice but my tactics didn’t actually work for me since for some odd reason people who claim to love and care for us treat us like garbage whenever we get pregnant. It’s like they’re jealous and don’t want us to be happy. Hell, one of them admitted to feeling that way.
    I’m currently pregnant with our second due end of this month and I am totally riding a super hormonal roller coaster of anxiety and excitement.

    The best advice I can give is to your husbands. They need to be extremely attentive. Maybe not checking on you every five minutes or dotting on you. But paying enough attention that when it’s obvious you need something, they can offer to help.
    Also, be very patient and listen carefully. And don’t just immediately offer a solution to her problem if she’s venting. Just let her vent because during pregnancy, more often than not, there’s no real problem and she’s just overwhelmed with hormones.
    BUT NEVER TELL HER THAT. We already know the hormones are going to make us moody. It does all harm and no good to remind us of this fact. So, just listen.
    Oh and ladies, stay active. Staying active makes the recovery time after childbirth so much easier. I’ve been told that it helps with the childbirth itself too but I was robbed of that experience by emergency c-section. But I did recover pretty quickly and I would’ve recovered fast if I hadn’t refused to take the pain meds they gave me.
    There’s prenatal yoga for each trimester. And you could take a walk every day. Doing easy chores is good too. Either which way, there’s no evidence to connect working too hard to preterm birth or birthweight. The only real risk is hurting yourself due to your muscles and ligaments being so extra soft. But the baby will be fine. But they do say that high-risk pregnancies avoid strain no matter what because with them, an injury to the mother could hurt the baby……. I’m rambling. Sorry. I’ve only had one so far and I’m going on like an expert just because I did a bunch of research. >_<

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  3. I am very happy for you. I have no answers for you, however, as I was never able to have children of my own. In many ways this was a blessing because during my child-bearing years my bi-polar and other illnesses would not have done well with pregnancy or maybe even looking after a baby. I have been blessed with literally a hundred kids through our church work, camps and all of those young people marrying and having children. I wish you all the best and know that you will be ready when it happens!

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  4. The balance to our nerves is the love and excitement! I cant remember being afraid until labour started and then i was just so in it that fear wasnt really a factor for long! you are doing the right thing by thinking and feeling and talking about it!

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  5. Thanks for such an honest post. Have you struggled with libido too? For me, that’s been an unwelcome side effect of chronic pain, associated low mood and the medication. Link below to my post (‘When you want a baby but you’ve lost your libido’), in case it helps you. Like you, I’m also interested in hearing more about others’ experiences.

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  6. Having a baby is only really painful if you think it will be … HONESTLY!!! There is pain – yes .. but it isn’t the yelling howling pain that you see in the movies. You just need to get in a zone and let it all go…. we spend our lives holding on to our pelvic floor muscles so so tightly …. and in birthing you just need to let it all go …

    I had 3 of my 5 children at home with only my partner and a friend as support – no medical intervention at all (except the emergency plan that my partner had as back up each time). It was the MOST liberating experience of my life after 2 hospital births … it was a freeing of my brain and body to do what as a mammal I am programmed to do. It was the most spiritual experience of my life.

    Good luck!

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