Essential oils!

I have been researching essential oils as a natural way to treat my anxiety when I am pregnant. I have been truly grateful for my Paxil medication because it has been wonderful, but I don’t think I should take it while when I get pregnant, unless it is absolutely neseccary. 

My mother-in-law been into essential oils ever since my husband was a child, and has taught me a lot about them. I was skeptical until she made us up some bottles and it truly worked! So today my hubby and I signed up to be DoTerra wellness consultants! I am very excited to learn more about the oils and how they can help me out! 

Do any of you have essential oil experience? 

14 thoughts on “Essential oils!

  1. I have lavender essential oil and have used a DoTerra sample and used a friend’s of a pain relief gel. I put a few drops of lavender on my wrists in the morning last week when I was substitute teaching. I got through the days without crying or losing my temper, so I was satisfied.
    Some people love peppermint but I find it a little irritating; it can cause headaches for some people and alleviate them for others.
    I would use a wider array of oils, except money. They are a great resource, one that my chiropractor highly recommends and he hardly recommends anything.

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  2. I have a Doterra essential oil collection and really love it. I find it is great for sore muscles and to help calm my anxiety. They have one called Balance that is a particular favorite.

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  3. I use oils every day. I’m using the young living brand and have had a mix for my anxiety that I put on the bottoms of my feet and wrists every day. Its’ a mix of lavender, grapefruit, ceradwood and vetiver. I’ve use oils through out my life to help. You should check them out. Young Living.

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  4. Yes and I also use young living for their organic seed to oil approach. There are lots of recipes and for anxiety I use stress away on my solar plexus and also peace and calming in a diffuser. You have to experiment a little to find what works for you but there are tons of testimonials out there. It won’t be hard to get the right combo for you. Check carefully because some are not recommended during pregnancy.

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