Tight chest and over exaggerated drama 

Today was a rough one. For the majority of the day I was anxious and cranky. I feel bad for my students because they can normally read my emotions like a book. Luckily, they were respectful so I didn’t run into too many issues on that front.

However, yesterday a friend of mine made a joke/comment in passing about me and I took it very personally. That comment trigger my interior walls to go up and all day I was shrouded with anxiety. It just felt like the never ending day. My body is even aching because I have been clenching all day! 

Against my normal actions, I actually confronted my friend and let her know that her comment hurt my feelings. She hadn’t even realized and it turned out to be a misunderstanding. I am very proud of myself for being able to express my emotions to a peer without backing away because of anxiety. This is a huge step in the right direction! 

I am now at home, reading my book and snuggling with my pups! I am definitely becoming less stressed now 🙂

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