Anxiety? What anxiety?!

My victory today, came in the form of surviving, without anxiety, riding in the back seat of a two door car! Let me fill you in on the details:

On my ride home from Las Vegas, my husband, brother and I were all traveling in a two door car, and being the smallest, I had to sit in the back. Sounds ok, right? Not so much… One of my anxiety triggers is riding in the back of a two door car. This scenario has become a trigger because, in my anxious mind, if we were in a crash, I would be trapped. Without having easy access to a door, I feel very anxious. 

 HOWEVER! Once we were situated in the car and ready to go, I felt ZERO anxiety! I feel like I made it over a huge hurdle today! 

Victory can be accomplished even if it is only in small moments. 


22 thoughts on “Anxiety? What anxiety?!

  1. Well done! It feels great once you do something and you see it wasn’t as bad as yout thought it would be!
    I will be flying tomorrow for the first time on a transatlantic flight to New York! I don’t like flying or turbulence,(even though i’ve flown on all my life in Europe) and to make matters worse I have to wake up at 4am to travel to the airport 😦 which also worsens my anxiety..and to top it off, there is a hurricane currently over the atlantic! Its like a triple whammy! Wish me luck for getting through my anxiety! I will keep you in mind and everyone else out there who struggles and gets through it! ❤

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