Bad Days

We all have them. Bad days. They seem to come around more than we would like to admit. In life, there are always going to be days when your strength will only allow you to curl under the blankets and block out the world. Guess what? That’s ok! We can have those moments. But it is important we remember to not let them take over. Don’t be wrapped up in blankets more than you are outside of them, because your life will pass by without your noticing. 
I learned this the hard day. Nearly three years of my life were gone in the blink of an eye. I use to wish everyday to go back in time and relive those years so I could sieze every moment that previously passed me by. However, the reality is that those moments are gone. The good news is that my life isn’t over! I have undiscovered joys and adventures just waiting for me to discover! No matter how bad my anxiety is, I am no long going to allow it to overshadow my life. I am back in control! 

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