Oh Anxiety…what would I do without you?

As many of you know, I have been fighting against my anxiety this entire week, and today was the first day it was manageable! I finally was able to get back in the right frame of mine and feel halfway normal again. I spent some time alone in my bedroom (while my husband fell asleep on the couch) and just worked on changing my negative thoughts to positive ones. I also spent time in prayer to help refocus my mind. 

Today my students were on track and positive. And I was able to handle negative situations without feeling overwhelmed. I felt calm and collected all day! Very limited anxiety! YAY! 

However, I am nervous about this weekend, because my anxiety medication ran out today and I didn’t realize I needed to have Doctor permission to refill. I kept putting refilling it off, So I am now going to go two to three days without it. Hoestly, I am incredibly worried about it because I’m not a big fan of cold turkey-ing meds. What I am trying to focus on is that I only take 20 mg, which is low, and since it is so low, I won’t have any side effects. If you could spare a moment, say a prayer for strength for me to remain positive.

Thank you to all of you for your kind comments this week. They really helped me not feel alone and build strength to push forward! 

Love you all! 

6 thoughts on “Oh Anxiety…what would I do without you?

  1. So glad you had a good day! Maybe your doctor can call in a refill just this once if you call his/her answering service? Or the pharmacy might be able to call the doc for you – hope it works out!

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  2. Glad to read that you’re feeling better than you were. Try not to worry too much about going a few days without the medication, most anxiety meds I take have an accumulative effect and can remain active in the body for quite a few days.

    Try not to be too hard on your anxiety, after all, it’s a part of what makes you, you.
    – And we and you know what a kind, compassionate, loving person you are.

    – Be strong, be well, E

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  3. It takes a couple of days to clear the medication out of your system. So if you don’t take it for a few days you still have enough left in your body. I know how hard it is when you don’t have the medication but hopefully this will help to manage it better. xx

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