My heart goes out 

Being a woman who is deeply loved, and spoiled slightly, I notice that I forget that others do not have the same life as I do. I do not mean to say that I am rich in money, but I am rich in love. I have always had loving parents who have set boundaries to keep me safe, and a husband who would do anything for me. However, this week I have been reminded that not everyone lives that way. 

As a school teacher, I am exposed to so many children and it breaks my heart to see so many of them suffering. I wish I could save all of them, but I know I can’t. I can only show them love and guidance while they are with me during the day. 

3 thoughts on “My heart goes out 

  1. every act of kindness, even if it is not remembered consciously, will leave a permanent reminder in the subconscious that kindness and love help us grow more than dominance and punishment.

    I had a handful of kind and thoughtful teachers that cared.

    I still remember them. =-)

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