Moving Forward

Thank you to all of your kind words about my husband and I deciding to become foster parents. To be honest, it is all we can think and talk about! Not only are we excited to begin the process, but we are also nervous. We are still waiting to hear from an agency and while we have been waiting, we have been doing a lot of research and making a list of questions that we want to ask. We have also been talking to our families about our decision and they are all very supportive and on board. Now, we just wait!

Also, today has been amazing! My husband and I spent most of the afternoon cuddled on the couch and chatting about anything and everything! It was wonderful because we haven’t been able to slow down in several weeks. It was amazing!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend so far and you are enjoying your time as well!

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Congrats on the big decision to foster! We have several foster parents in our church and they LOVE it. They says it one of the most difficult and rewarding things they’ve ever done!

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