I’m stronger 

Today, I had a mild “panic” moment with my anxiety. I did not have a full blown attack, however, it was on its way. 

My dad, brother and I went to see Star Wars this morning (which was incredible) and the theater, as expected, was packed. As we looked around the theater to find a spot, we were fortunate to find three seats in the middle of the theater, all right next together. This was a great find to everyone but me. I knew they were great seats, however, I was jammed in between a bunch of people without an easy exit, and Panic attacks have gotten the best of me in these types of situations  in the past, so I was getting concerned. 

I could feel my heart racing, and my plans start to sweat. It had been over a year since my last panic attack, and I wasn’t going to let that record shatter! So, I rubbed my essential oil blend on my wrists and started to change my thoughts. Instead of negative ones, I replaced them with positive. Slowly, I began to take back control and ended up loosing myself in the movie! No anxiety! 

I feel very proud of myself for being able to combat my fears/phobias in a very real situation. I truly cannot remember the last time I sat the middle row of anything without experiencing  panic. But, now I can say that I have conquered it! I am strong! 

17 thoughts on “I’m stronger 

  1. As one with anxiety and panic attacks myself, I applaud you for your victory! Dealing with this isn’t well understood by those who don’t have it themselves, but we sure do understand it. And we know the thrill of beating it at times too! Good for you! Merry Christmas…

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  2. Good for you!! I’m exactly the same i very much like to sit on the end of things. I’m getting a little better at thinking “if i have to go…i can go and I’ll just have to struggle it..people can be slightly inconvenienced for 3 seconds…nobody really cares”. Glad you enjoyed the film!! So lovely to get lost in it and not feel anxiety!

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