Anxiety got the best of us 

On this special day, anxiety got the best of us. Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary with my incredible husband. It has been more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. To celebrate we are spending a few nights in Las Vegas! 

However, the last several months my husband has had an incredible amount of anxiety and today he had a really hard time whenever we left our hotel room. He had a full panic attack while standing in line for one of the museums we were going to visit. If we hadn’t paid for the tickets already, I don’t think he would have been able to go. I know exactly how he feels because I have been there. I have had panic attacks while standing in line, leading a meeting, teaching class, and while driving the car. The strange thing about all of this is, I have never been on the other side of the situation before. 

It is absolutely horrible to watch my husband deteriorate right before my eyes while I stand by and do nothing. For the last few months, I have tried and tried to carry his burden for him because I don’t want him to be in the place I was a year and a half ago. I feel so heavy and worn out. I honestly feel like someone is pushing down on my shoulders and I am fighting to stay upright. He is going to the dr on Wednesday, so that is good, but I feel completely helpless and lost. 

Overall, there were many moments of anxiety for both of us today, however, it all ended well. I hope tomorrow brings less anxiety but if it comes our way, we will fight back with prayer and positivity. 

7 thoughts on “Anxiety got the best of us 

  1. So very sorry to read this – for both of you.
    Just a gentle reminder – when you were in the throes of anxiety, could anyone else sort it out for you? No one can do it for us, however strongly they wish to. I completely know and understand the pain and powerlessness of watching someone else struggle their way through something so difficult but, for the sake of your own recovery, remember that this is not a burden you can shoulder for anyone else. I know your faith has been and is a very important part of your coming to terms with your anxious feelings, so I hope you can remember to “hand this over”, too.
    Wishing you both well.

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  2. I’ve had panic attacks before as a teenager and it’s the worst. But just remember that they do not kill you. The best way to help your husband is to not get sucked into the anxiety vortex and be the calm one to wait for it to pass. Remember the Serenity Prayer. Breathe. And on his end, I found that if I learn to spot the warning signs (they come on almost like migraines for me) and do some centering, deep breathing and more calming exercises, I was able to keep them at bay. I’ve got some more suggestions if you like… you can message me. But your Arrow Quote really inspired me today. Thank you! XxXx

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