22 thoughts on “The struggle is real!

  1. HAHA! Too funny…my husband hit the hay at about 9:45…thought I should at least have a sip of wine to celebrate, realized I wouldn’t be able to stay awake to finish it..brushed my teeth instead and closed out the year at about 10:30. The great news is..NO HANG OVER this morning! 😃


  2. How accurate! We used to make Chef -Boy-R-Dee Pizzas at home in the 1960’s and 70’s. You know? Thin crust, sweet sauce and dried Parmesan cheese? Back then that was our first taste of Pizza in out small town.

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  3. I was watching Perry Mason. It was half way through and I really didn’t want to get up(remote is broken) to change it to a ball drop. Plus I was kinda into the show. At 12:01 my 12 yr old noticed the time and looked up from her game to say, “Happy New Year.”

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  4. Sounds about right! I spent the break off-grid & I only just made it to midnight on NewYears. Childhood it fills uou with Wonderment like the bringing-in of a new year means the following year might mean something special……spent my 20’s working in clubs….in my 40’s now so although not represented on the comic, I really struggled!

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