Slight anxiety 

The journey towards becoming a mother has not been what I expected. This was our first full month of trying, and it has been agony! With the waiting I mean. Aunt Flow is scheduled to show tomorrow, so hubby and I took the test today. It came back negative. 

We were both pretty disappointed, especially because we thought we were pregnant. I found that embarrassing, but my hubby reminded me that I am experiencing the same emotions as all the others who are trying as well. 

I had some anxiety today about the possibly of never being able to conceive. Maybe I have a hostile uterus? No eggs? Maybe I’m too old!? So many thoughts ran through my mind today as I tried to process the negative sign on the pregnancy test. 

However, I know God has a plan for us, and I have the love of my life as my side. Whatever happens, I am going to trust God! 

15 thoughts on “Slight anxiety 

  1. Don’t worry – they say it’s not over until Aunt Flow appears so getting a negative test result doesn’t necessarily mean you’re 100% out of the game this month yet. Feeling anxious is completely NORMAL and we’ve all been there when trying to conceive but try to keep as relaxed as possible and enjoy all the trying!

    I don’t know much about your conceiving journey so far, but have you read the Sperm Meet Egg Plan book? It’s a free download from Amazon and worked a treat for my husband and I! For me, I found the more I knew about the biology, the more confident I felt that we were doing it at the right time. Will keep my fingers crossed for you xxx

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      • OK. Turns out what I had been doing wrong is getting up and going for a pee after the deed had been done. The trick is to make sure you have peed beforehand, and to stay in bed. Also, the natural position of the uterus does not make it easy for “things” to get where they need to go. So afterwards, as I said, stay put in bed and put two pillows under your hips and fall asleep with them in there. That forces your uterus to move into a position that makes “things” much easier to get to. This helped me after being told I had endometriosis. Apologies for the indelicate nature of the post, I’ve tried to be as clean as possible.x

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  2. For some it takes years, for a few it happened almost immediately, but for most it’s somewhere in between. We tried for two years before God gave us our beautiful boy. The waiting allows us to rest in His perfect timing that WE will be ready to love and give the best we can to the gift He gives.

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  3. I’ve learned a lot about tracking cycles using the FAM method. It’s a birth control method which also works as a way of finding your most fertile days. If you’re interested in learning more check out Being informed takes a lot of the guesswork out. Also, if there really is cause for concern about getting pregnant it can be tracked and detected within a couple of months as opposed to trying for a whole year before most fertility specialists will see you. Interesting stuff. I wish you luck!

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  4. In His own season- isn’t that how it goes? I was told at 15 Id never have kids. I went 11 years without even a pregnancy scare, don’t even have all my bits and bobs working right, and one day, as almost as if an after thought I declare aloud to everyone in produce, “I should get a home pregnancy test.” I don’t ovulate, I don’t have periods so why would I think that? My tumor and internal damage (sorry if that’s a tmi) should make it impossible and yet this thought… It was strong. I had to buy one.

    And I was. It’s all about when He wants! His season His time.

    There is a plan momma, because you are wanting this, and praying for this, someday it will happen. Maybe not when or how we think it should but He has a plan! Lots of prayers and vibes to you!

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