What do we do with anxious thoughts?

We all have negative thoughts. We all experience anger, frustration, and fear. These are all natural emotions and it is ok to have them. However, it crosses the line when we allow these negative feelings to control us. It is up to us to push past these thoughts and emotions to focus on positivity.

Anxiety disorders make this task feel insurmountable! There are days when I feel as if I will never be normal. Never feel at peace. However, when I feel despair creeping in, I give it to God. What does that mean? That means I acknowledge that I am not broken. There is a plan for my pain. And I do my very best to focus on something good. 

This morning I woke up with an anxiety of a 6 out of 10 (which is uncomfortable) and I was immediately angry. I wish I never had to struggle with this disease. However, I know that my anxiety helps me be a better teacher to my students with mood disorders. A better wife to my anxious husband. And a light to those who may not think victory is possible.

I am here to tell you victory is possible. I may still experience high levels of anxiety at times, but my life is full. I am able to experience peace, joy and excitement. 

Don’t give up. Keep pushing forward. 

8 thoughts on “What do we do with anxious thoughts?

  1. Thanks for the great post. It’s tough when the thoughts are so powerful and seem to overwhelm every part of me. But you’re right, they pass and I can see the good in my life. There are benefits, they’re just sometimes clouded by the anxiety. ☺

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