Changing my thoughts

My anxiety has taken over much of my “mind space” lately and it is my goal to actively work to change that. Over the years, I have learned that whatever my mind is dwelling on, I become. So, I have been a very snippy, irritably and anxious person. 

To begin changing my thoughts, I started my day with quiet time to reflect on God. I have been neglecting reflection time, and I believe it is important to quiet our minds and have them alined with God. 

Today, each time I have a negative thought, I am going to combat it with a positive one.

Have any of you had to retrain your minds to be positive? What did you do? 

19 thoughts on “Changing my thoughts

  1. Some days, just starting out with a mindful prayer, asking God to guide my thoughts and actions is enough to put that day on the right track. Other days it feels like re-framing my thoughts is a constant battle…something I have to do over and over again just to keep a ‘bad’ day from becoming worse. In either case, it is a skill I have come to rely on. A most necessary one, I believe, when we cannot count on our own minds to perceive reality as it should. In my estimation, there are days when perseverance is a true victory. Stay strong! God bless!

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  2. More than just a positive thought, but a truth from God’s word. “Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,” speaks to me of identifying the thoughts that are lies and combating them with truth. But also giving yourself grace and not treating yourself badly when we have negative thoughts. “It’s ok to feel anxious, hopefully I will feel different in an hour or tomorrow.” I say a lot. The more we focus on the truth, the easier it is to identify the lies, and the more accustomed we become to tell the lies off and live by the truth. Have a grace filled day.

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    • This is truth… And this changes us, renews our mind… Sometimes in the beginning it is hard to identify your thoughts or beliefs about something. Yet, the Holy Spirit will guide you … I am amazed sometimes at what I actually thought about things. God puts His light on it to reveal it … The more we speak God’s truth into our lives the more we living the life He paid for on the cross. Jesus!!!

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  3. I literally just spoke on this yesterday in my blog! Though I am an optimist I sometimes wake up or start out the day crabby. Whenever I notice I am in a bad mood, sad, or depressed I do not pretend that I am not, instead I assess why. Then if it legit (someone passing or otherwise I deal) But then I say I have to put forward positive vibes and start looking for someone else to help or spread cheer to that day. Even if it is only it is a smile! I greet people walking by, help elderly people into the hospital when I am going in who are struggling, I offer assistance to my co-workers during my down-time to help them catch-up or give them a break. These things make me feel better! Sometimes I do just meditate, exercise, read, do a craft/ art, or play a game to breathe depending on the situation. These things reduce my anxiety and make me feel better. Some people shop or see a therapist; you have to find what works for you (sometimes it’s a combination of things). I hope this is helpful! {HUGZ} πŸ™‚

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  4. I can relate. First, stop what you are doing and beathe. For a few minutes til you feel better.
    Then, pray for God to guide you away from your negative thoughts and focus on His thoughts for you at that moment. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith.

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  5. Noticing the anxious thought but without judgement – bringing a kindly awareness to the thought and also to any sensations or emotions it may have triggered. We, as human beings, are never going to achieve “perfect” or “get there” so loving and accepting the learning process, giving ourselves credit for the growth and, above all, finding something to feel grateful for can be really helpful. Your decision to carve out time for reflection is a wonderful way to give yourself space and ease out the kinks.

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