Hard not to Think About

As I have shared in several previous posts before, my husband and I are working towards becoming pregnant (yay!). However, the first two months were very stressful for us since we were trying ovulation sticks, and charts and lots of  other techniques. I wasn’t prepared for the intense amount of anxiety all of that would bring, so this month we haven’t done anything other than… Well you know…. ;). 

I have to confess that it is incredibly difficult not to obsess about whether or not I am pregnant. Especially with the added anxiety. I just try to remind myself that it will all happen in time and God has a plan. Honestly, it is much easier said than done, BUT I try to remind myself frequent that God has a plan. Even though I may feel frustrated. 

How did you all deal with trying to get pregnant and managing your emotions? 

13 thoughts on “Hard not to Think About

  1. I fell pregnant, very surprisingly at 17. We were both pretty stunned as you could imagine, but maybe more so 2 years later when we decided to give our daughter a sibling. Seems getting pregnant is not as easy as it first seemed. It took us 2 years of trying to have our 2nd daughter (4 year gap), so not wanting to have another 4 year gap, we started trying again the following year, and to our surprise, fell straight away! so there is only an 18 month gap between daughters 2 and 3! Life is a funny thing, and every conception is a miracle! The stuff those teeny sperm and eggs have to go through just to meet is incredible (I watched a documentary on the inner workings once and its like the wildebeest migration! Full of perils and danger!)! Whilst enduring the heartbreak of not being able to conceive with my 2nd pregnancy, I learnt to switch off, exercise lots and take care of myself properly. Preoccupy yourself with a big project (we were planning our wedding), and trust that they come in their own due time. All the best!

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  2. It was like riding a roller coaster ride of emotions. It took 4 years for me to get pregnant. But I was as close to God as I am now. I know spending time in his presence would have stopped that ride. 😎

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  3. Fwiw, getting pregnant needs to be fun… Also, practice makes perfect. We never used any ‘tools’ we just practiced as often as we could. We did our best and WHAM it happened. I know we were lucky but I really don’t think the scientific tools help what is essentially a very natural process… Just my 2 cents

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  4. Oh sure I know that it is hard for many. My sister had lots of problems both with conception and miscarriage. My brother also had difficulty and eventually ‘gave up’ trying for a second. We too had a miscarriage. I am sensitive to these issues. What I am trying to say is that SOMETIMES all the medicalisation that goes on increases stress and anxiety and can actually reduce your chances. Of course if there is an underlying problem that requires treatment that is different, but it seems to me that sometimes we all run off and start buying testing kits, charts etc when we should perhaps go with the flow and enjoy the process a bit. We live in a very goal oriented society and sometimes processes are more important than goals… I have no idea of the specifics of Mrs Platypus’ situation so my remarks are meant to be generic and are not aimed at her specifically. I was also hoping to get one or two people to crack a smile. I hope I did not offend anyone…

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  5. Well, it took me a year to conceive #1 and probably under a minute to conceive #2. From conception to childbirth to potty training to driving….babies are the ultimate statement that we are not in control of our lives. You really have to let go and let God….because this part is just the beginning! 🙂

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