A part of me has been dreading this day all weekend, while The other part of me has been anxiously awaiting it. Today we heard back from the doctor to find out if we were indeed having a miscarriage. The miscarriage was confirmed. We lost the baby. 

The last five days have felt like a blur of tears, anger and disbelief. It all seems surreal because just six days ago we were picking out nursery themes and discussing baby names. Now that the doctor has confirmed the miscarriage, the loss of our baby feels real. There is no chance of pregnancy. It is final. 

My husband and I are trying our best to remain positive and trust that God has a plan. Honestly, it is so much easier said than done. 

I have never experienced this type of loss before, and all of my emotions are new and unexplored. Even though this is awful, I will continue to focus on God and try to be positive. That doesn’t mean I won’t hurt, or be angry. It means that I will have faith inspite of my own pain. 

Thank you again for all of your support and kind words. It means the world to me. 

18 thoughts on “Confirmation

  1. You and your husband are in my prayers. I know from my walk of faith there are many things I don’t understand. Your use of the word “trust” in this time of sorrow will continue to get you through each day. You have touched many hearts with sharing your journey.

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  2. You are allowed to feel angry, sad, ripped off and every other emotion that fits. Just know that we’re all behind you, and please, lean on your loved ones for support. Sending much love and strength. Xx

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