In the Storm

If I am being honest, I am really struggling with things in my life right now. To fill you in on what is going on, when my husband and I first found out we were pregnant, we wanted to move forward with selling our house. We have been looking for awhile, but the pregnancy propelled us forward into putting the conversation into action. We were able to sell our house before it went on the market, and put a bid on another home (that we loved) all within a week. It was incredible, and it was one of the most exciting weeks of our lives.

However, two weeks later, we had our miscarriage. Shortly after that everything with the house we were buying began to fall apart. It turns out that there are three liens against the house, one of them being over 1 million dollars to the IRS. We were shocked and frustrated with this development because we didn’t see it coming. I’m not sure of all the logistics behind it, but the relators were taken by surprise as well. It has been incredibly frustrating and stressful.

Weeks have now gone by and things have gone from bad to worse. We have to move out of our home, either this weekend or early next week, and at this point we don’t have anywhere to go. We have looked at nearly 15 different homes and are struggling on what to do next. Where do we stay? What do we do with our stuff? How can this be fixed? There are so many unknowns and it is a nightmare.

I am beyond disgusted with this entire process and it is far from over. I just want to move on and be past all of this. The most painful part about the entire thing is that we were wanting to get a bigger home in a nice neighborhood for the baby we were having. Now the baby is gone… and so is the house…and we are left homeless.

I am trying so hard to stay positive in the face of all this adversity, but I am really struggling right now. I know God has a plan, but I have to admit that is incredibly difficult to have strong faith in the mist of the storm. I feel that my storm is raging right now and I can only see a faint glimmer of hope in the far distance. I am focusing all my energy on that small light, but I feel like I keep tripping on my way there. I am going to continue to continue to go towards that ray of hope, but it is going to be hard.

23 thoughts on “In the Storm

  1. Hmmm…there certainly isn’t a perfect answer to any of this, but maybe you can find a short term pal e to rent for the time being? Sometimes life begins happening so fast, we can trip over our own feet and the only way to prevent it, is to for e things to slow down a little.
    I feel for your situation and I hope all gets better.

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  2. I’m so sad that you lost your baby. The added stuff is pretty awful too. I know there have been times in my life that were so confusing and painful that I didn’t really care if God had a plan but He did have a plan for me and got me through it. I know He’ll do the same for you and He will carry you through the chaos but no, it isn’t easy.

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  4. O ! I am happy that you have shared it all with us! I can say…don’t worry…easily said than done! Hence..I only want to assure you that I will send prayers and blessings to you both every moment. We have all gone through similar bottleneck experiences in our different ways…at different times….You will survive it and come out STRONGER , I am sure.

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  5. You may need to put your stuff in storage and rent an apartment while you look for the right house. That part will be okay. You will get through it. I am REALLY sorry about the miscarriage, though. That’s awful. I hope you have a lot of support. 😦

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  6. Hang in there, honey. We, too, were buying a bigger home when I was pregnant. That ended in miscarriage, as did the next two. But we did get into our big, beautiful home, bought from a teacher friend, and we lived just down the street from the high school where I taught for around thirty years
    We never did have our own children, just hundreds of other people’s. After we retired, we finally decided to move to the California coast, near Morro Bay. We, too, did not have an easy move. Our first beach home buy also fell out of escrow. We, too, had also sold our home on a fast escrow. We put most of our things in a mountain residence, some in storage, some scattered around with friends. Our wonderful realtor even housed some in her garage.
    We eventually found our dream home in a nearby small town on a hill above the beach. It had gone on the market that day, we were the first entrants and made the accepted offer on the spot. We had a series of mishaps in the purchase, both of us got some strange illnesses, but it’s all working out, not the way WE planned it. But I have every confidence that a higher power has our best interests at heart. You’re in the palm of that hand, too.

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  7. I know that just a comment isn’t going to help much, but my heart is going out to you. I know how it feels for everything to fall apart, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. Trust that things will work out. Trust that things will get better. Remember that you are not alone ❤

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  8. Sometimes it’s very, very hard to understand why we go through the trials of life that we do. I am praying that you and your husband find the perfect home. Sometimes things take time and we have major bumps in the road. I am not one that has patience, but I do believe that life requires it and I pray to God for the strength and the patience to endure the trials and the pain. I will pray for the same for you. I believe times like this strengthen faith and trust. Is there any way you can get away for a weekend? Just to have some time to relax and do nothing?


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