I love my Blogging Friends!

Seriously! You are all incredible! I have been reading through your comments and you all have made me feel so loved and supported! You have made me no longer feel like a bad person for not being positive and I truly appreciate you all letting me be honest with my struggles. Life with an anxiety disorder is never easy and with so many life changes right now it starts to feel overwhelming. However, you have all reminded me that it is ok to be weak and allow others to be strong for me! ❤️ 

Tomorrow we pack up our home and move into our “rental”. In case you missed the info yesterday, the house we have a bid on is locked up with the IRS so since we sold our house and we’re going to be homeless, the relator was able to convince the seller to let us lease the home, for free, for the next six months. During that time we will either find a new house, or the lien will be removed. 

So moving into the house is incredibly bittersweet, since it isn’t our home yet, if ever, but we are already in love with it. UGH! I am trying to keep the mindset that it is only temporary but it will be hard not to get attached just yet. However! I am going to try and stay positive and count my blessings because it is incredible that we get to stay there rent free! 

Thank you again for all your love and support over this last month and a half. I truly adore you all! 

6 thoughts on “I love my Blogging Friends!

  1. Grief is a tricky thing. It may feel like you are fine one day and then something happens and BAM, you are right back where you started. Take as much time as you need and surround yourself with positivity. 🙂 ❤


  2. Looking at Lulabelle’s comments am reminded of King David in the bible,he went through a lot because of Saul and some of the scriptures in the Psalms show that he was really downtrodden.

    You know what,you are such a strong woman cause you are not afraid to share who you are.Keep up the good spirit,out of the anxiety something good will come out.we are cheering you!

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