How to you handle TTCing?

Since my husband and I started trying to get pregnant again after our miscarriage, I am having a hard time NOT over analyzing! Every cramp, gas bubble, and twinge is analyzed and spun to be a pregnancy symptom. HELP! I have two more days until “Aunt Flow” is due, and I honestly feel insane. 

How do you all handle the terrible two week wait?! 

13 thoughts on “How to you handle TTCing?

  1. After my miscarriage I became obsessed with having another baby. I tracked my ovulation, took my temperature…honestly I don’t even remember because it’s been so long. I don’t know how but I survived that pregnancy but the point is that I did. The point is that we conceived and probably not because of anything I was doing (besides the obvious). I agree with Teresa and it is is easier said than done to relax and trust.

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  2. The two week waits never got easier for me. Some people are better at keeping themselves busy, but I had to just give in and let myself overanalyze. My wife and I kept a BINGO sheet of pregnancy symptoms for a while and that helped us keep some levity when it got ridiculous.
    I think what helped the most for me was fully realizing that there’s just not enough pregnancy hormone to feel any symptoms until after you’d get a positive test. And then of course when we finally got our positive, it was hard to believe because I didn’t feel anything for a week or two after.
    tl;dr – Analyze away, then breathe deep and try to let go.

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  3. It took us almost a year to conceive and every single cycle, I overanalyzed EVERY little thing. The cycle I got pregnant, I had zero symptoms. Nothing. It was funny and ironic, but it goes to show that symptoms (or lack thereof) don’t really mean anything that early on, so I agree that relaxing and trusting is the best method. 🙂

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  4. Honestly? I worked to just let it go and give it to God. I ended up getting pregnant the first cycle we tried after my loss, but it was much better when I just gave it to God and let the waiting go.

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  5. Oh…I can remember staring at the calendar and over analyzing everything! Honestly…nothing makes it completely go away. You will think about it. I tried hobbies, friends, books, movies…the thing that helped the most though was prayer. I spent hours and hours each month praying as I was anxiously waiting to find out if I was pregnant.

    I’m praying for you and understand the struggle more than I would like to.

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  6. I’m told the best way to guarantee a positive test is to sit in a hot tub for 6 hours and drink a bottle of wine. LOL

    I was never predictable enough to know if there were only 2 weeks left to wait…or one, or four, or six, or three….

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