Savor the Beautiful

As a woman with anxiety, there are so many things in this world that cause me to be anxious, but I have learned to just savor the small moments. Any small thing that brings me relief and happiness, I count as a blessing. 

So many things are unknown in this life, but I have to learn to let it go. Trust that God will take care of me – no matter what happens. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but that can be really difficult. I like to be in control and know what is coming, but that is not real life. I am continually learning to trust God and find joy in the mist of chaos. 

How do you cope with your anxieties? 

5 thoughts on “Savor the Beautiful

  1. It is a continual process to trust God, I have to pray and ask for His help often. I study His word to know what His says about a situation. It seems once I trust in one area of my life there is a another area that pops up that says what about now.


  2. I have heard consistent exercise is amazing…I’m still working on that one. 😜 but I do know it helps my daughter. Natural Calm and magnesium supplements help as well. And journaling and time spent in nature just being at peace.


  3. And having a gratitude journal. Spending more time appreciating what I am grateful for ‘resets’ my line of thinking and helps me prioritize the good versus what I see as the bad. It helps keep me ‘in check’ if I do it every morning. And meditation in the evening before I got to bed. It helps clear my thoughts by putting them in a ‘box’ so I can sleep.

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