Anxiety and morning sickness 

Today was my first day back to school (aka work since I am a teacher) after summer. I was incredibly anxious about going back while pregnant. My morning sickness has been awful and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day. Or throw up in front of the kids. To add to my anxiety, I changed positions this year, within the same school, and my students are all different so I felt like a brand new teacher. I ended up crying to husband last night about how I just want to feel like myself again and about how anxious I was about the kids coming. He was incredibly kind and told me that I would do great.

It turns out that I only had some minor morning sickness, because I was hungry, around lunch and the rest of the day was wonderful! I am so proud of myself for getting through and being strong! Yay me! 

4 thoughts on “Anxiety and morning sickness 

  1. I always found that staying active during the school day and snacking often helped with my morning sickness. I pretty much ate at all times to keep my morning sickness at bay. I wish you the best of luck this school year. Remember to rest and to treat your body to whatever it is craving during this special time. Congrats on your pregnancy! I’ve been thinking about and praying for you and your hubby for months. -The Ameri Brit Mom

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  2. Take a breath, slow down. Continue to trust in God as you do this will get easier and easier. Small practical things helps like crackers, eating more times but smaller. You are an amazing person. Emotions can run high but focus on Jesus. Begin with Him. Take a walk in the fresh air. These are things that helped me. On a lighter note mayo was not allowed in the house, just the smell sent me running to the bathroom😝. So happy for you and your little family.

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