Feeling rough…

First let me start by saying I am blessed. I am incredibly thankful for the little life that is growing inside of me each day. It is an insane thought that I am cultivating a little human! I love it already! 

Now, to the physical aspect of my pregnancy… I am sick. Throwing up. Dry heaving. Can’t eat. Constipated. Endless Heartburn. Exhausted. Pregnant. I truly never imagined pregnancy would be this hard. You know, you hear people talk, in a joking way, about first trimester and how it was awful, but you never fully understand it. I now fully understand. 

These physical symptoms are starting to eat away at my emotional wellbeing. I haven’t been able to anything other than sleep and lay down in weeks. Grudgingly, I started working again after summer break, and my students are back as well now. I love my job, but it is fight to drag myself to work every day. I don’t feel like myself and I just really miss me. 

I want to enjoy my pregnancy and be one of those women who love being pregnant. I know there is a miracle inside me, and I feel so guilty for not enjoying it. Most of the time I just want cry. 

Thank you for letting me vent. It is comforting to know that I have all of you to lean on. ❤️

18 thoughts on “Feeling rough…

  1. That’s EXACTLY how I felt with both my pregnancies. You’re not alone and you have no reason to feel ashamed or bad about being miserable. It’s no different than any other point in your little one’s life when it takes everything in you not to just give up and drop dead where you stand.
    There is nothing wrong with you or how you’re feeling and beating yourself up about it will only make everything WAY worse by blowing things out of proportion.
    I have no advice to give on how to alleviate your symptoms because I honestly just don’t have a clue how I managed to make it through. I do remember a good number of meltdowns though. Lol
    I hope it gets a little easier soon. And I hope you post baby pics of your little miracle when he/she makes their grand entrance into the world.
    Best of luck. ♡

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      • Poor thing. I feel for you. Really I do. I did manage to think of what I think is pretty obvious advice.
        To make yourself as comfortable as possible at pretty much all times.
        When you’re grading papers (I haven’t been on word press for quite awhile and I’ve forgotten a lot of details to the blogs I follow. So, I apologize if I’ve got that part wrong) you should sit with your back supported and your feet up. When you’re required to stand for a bit, make sure you have a place to sit near for those moments where you just need a minute.
        When you’re nauseated, the old standbys, saltines and ginger ale help a lot. But for me it was broth that soothed my stomach. So, just listen to your body and your baby to find the thing that does the trick for you and make sure you keep it on hand.
        Also, make sure you stay hydrated but don’t drink too many sports drinks like gatorade because too much of that is very bad for the baby.
        And don’t underestimate the power of lettuce. It helped me a lot when I couldn’t stand to eat anything at all but knew I needed to. When my stomach was too jacked up for my broth to work, I would nibble on plain romaine lettuce and it really did the trick and got my appetite going.
        Oh and in this heat, I know you already know that getting too hot is bad for the baby but it’s also bad for you. It has a tendency to agitate the moodiness. Just make sure you do whatever tricks you need to to keep cool. Limit your time outdoors in the heat. Keep cold water in the freezer overnight and take it with you during the day. I just recently gotten the idea to take a page out of the books of the many people I’ve seen walking around with a wet rag on their heads. I wish I had thought of it when I was pregnant at leat one of those times (*sigh* hindsight).
        I did put those gel ice packs under my boobs when I had to be out in the heat for a long time. It didn’t bother my babies. They just nestled closer to the bottom which helped take the pressure of the bottom of my stomach. That had the added benefit of lessening the heartburn.

        Oh and ALWAYS wear a pad. Start the habit now before your third trimester so you don’t make my mistake and piss yourself when you sneeze, resulting in a total meltdown (I flipped out every time it happened and I didn’t have a pad on. Then I’d cry like a baby and beat myself up for not remembering to wear one).

        I can’t emphasize enough the importance of comfort. You’ll be surprised just how much crankier you’ll be when you’re sore all over and don’t know how bad it is.

        That’s about all I got from my experience. I hope it helps in some way. Keep us posted on how you’re doing. I love posts like that. ^_^ ♡

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  2. The first trimester is just rough. If you can, start asking friends for simple support, like making you food and just emotionally being there for you. It might get worst before it gets better, and it is absolutely okay if all you can do is sleep and go to work. You will be a human again, I promise.
    And I’m sure you know this, but there are some awesome anti-nausea drugs these days you can get from your OBGYN. It sounds like if you’re dry-heaving and can’t keep anything down, you might be a contender. Do not suffer more than you already have to.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Hang in there! Yes pregnancy is hard! It’s ok to feel lousy. I second the other poste r, try talking to your doctor about feeling so sick. Also, it does tend to get better in the second trimester. You can do it!

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  4. With my daughter I did NOT enjoy my pregnancy until after the first trimester. Yes you are grateful for your baby growing etc but it’s hard to enjoy it when you are in pain all of the time. Hold on. It will get better.

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  5. I get it completely. My first trimester was awful, but eventually the nausea subsided and I was able to enjoy it more. Now I’m 39 weeks pregnant, hot, and sooooo ready for her to be here. But the kids come back to school this week and I will be with them until baby girl makes her arrival!

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  6. Don’t lose faith now. As women we tend to be connected so intensely to our bodies. We feel pain, discomfort, unusual behaviors, all of these with our hearts, our minds and the tiny fibers from our heads to our toes. So our bodies get exhausted… But we are strong. YOU are strong and you will find comfort soon and your pains and aches for now affirm the beauty of life growing inside. Wishing you love and light.

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