Pregnancy Continued

I am half way into the 11th week of my pregnancy and things are going well. I am still feeling nauseous, and somedays I am feeling frustrated about being sick. However, things are slowly getting better, and I am going to be grateful for each moment (no matter how short) of not being nauseous.

I have also noticed that I have hit the emotional part of my pregnancy! I am not a big crier, but I have cried A LOT the last two days. I don’t even know what it was about, but I just felt like i needed to sob! I feel sorry for my husband! God bless him! LOL!

OH! And I still have NO Anxiety! YAY!

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Continued

  1. I cried so much while I was pregnant. I also cried a lot post pregnancy and still today, I’m way more emotional than I was before my baby. Haha, mama-hood changes us for sure. I hope this is an easy pregnancy for you.

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