Raging Hormones with a touch of Anxiety

My hormones have been raging out of control today and they have been sprinkled with a touch of anxiety. I have had a lot of anxiety about becoming a mom. I haven’t had much anxiety since I got pregnant, and this has all seem to hit me all of a sudden. I’m not upset that I am pregnant but I am starting to freak out about what it is going to be like when the little bundle gets here. A part of me wants to hid under the covers and just cry for the rest of the day, and the other part of me wants March 1st (the due date) to hurry up and get there! What the heck!

I was already emotional, but this is intense!

What did you guys do when your hormones started to get the best of you?



6 thoughts on “Raging Hormones with a touch of Anxiety

  1. I wish I could help you with that. I had pretty much no emotional support for either one of my pregnancies. So, I stayed a hot mess the whole time.
    I would say turn to your husband and be open with him about how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling angry and you know it’s the hormones, let him know that you’re angry over nothing. And if him asking what he can do to help makes it worse (it certainly did for me), then tell him so. Whenever he does do something that successfully helps you to calm down and feel better, let him know so that he can remember that so he can have a mental lost to go off of so he can help you in any way he can.
    Oh and paranatal anxiety/depression/whatever else is a real thing. A lot of people only worry about post partum depression but the symptoms of anxiety and whatnot can start any time after no the pregnancy or afterwards. So, be sure to be open with your doctor as well about how you’re feeling.
    That’s all I got. I wish I could help you with all of that. I don’t know how I got through the nightmare of all those hormones being all jacked up.
    Keep us posted. I’m proud of you. You’re going to be a wonderful mom. I can tell.

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  2. God designed the process of pregnancy to allow you enough time to prepare for your bundle of joy. To experience the ups and downs. And it’s good to be nervous and excited. That means that you care. Have you bough what to expect the first year? That’s a good book. You can see what you can expect month by month after the baby is born and it’s a good focus to help the anxiety. Plan how you are going to lay out monthly pictures as your new one grows. Write letters to your baby and save them and give them to him/her when they are having their own baby. Maybe start a scrapbook or prep one? Find recipes for freezer meals to make closer to your due date so you don’t have to worry about meals. Start looking for board books for your baby at sales. 🙂 And pamper yourself. You’re growing a human and it’s not easy, but it is so worth it! And there’s a reason why they say to be super nice to pregnant women. The hormones are totally normal. 🙂


  3. Once the nausea receded, I started having bouts of anxiety again. The first half of the second tri can be rough because you have little to no reassurance that baby is still there. It helped me to just try to stay busy and take care of myself during that time.
    What also helped was reading others’ baby-rearing experiences to have a more real and accurate picture of what postpartum life will be like. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly not terrible, and it’s 100% doable for every mom. That won’t get rid of all your anxiety (especially since a lot of it *is* hormonal), but it will help short-circuit it and keep it from gaining control.


  4. Well…I am just as crazily hormonal but sad/happy to say that it’s not pregnancy waving its magic wand. It’s perimenopause!!! Hahaha! How I deal with this is I get really quiet. I find something quiet to do, like reading or playing brain app games, or I will find something mindless to watch. I have way too many reality shows in my DVR! 🙂 Music’s always good too.

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