Oh, pregnancy! You’re embarrassing! 

Well I am halfway through! I have hit the 20 week mark! I still am having “morning sickness” aka all day sickness, which I was hoping would be gone by now. I have not been as nauseous as I was in the first trimester, but I still throw up a few times a week. 

I have decided that instead of being overly self conscious or embarrassed about my changing body, I have decided to embrace it, and laugh at it! From peeing when I laugh/sneeze/cough, to having room-clearing gas, I am been trying to see the bright side of it. At first, I really struggled with my body, but now I just realize it’s part of the journey! 

What are some of your most embarrassing pregnancy moment? 

8 thoughts on “Oh, pregnancy! You’re embarrassing! 

  1. Oh man… I was 5 or 6 months and it had rained recently so the wood swelled a bit in the old section of my school. I had been working late- enough I was completely alone. I go to the bathroom on my way out, and discover the door out of the bathroom is stuck because, I yanked the door shut a little too well. After 15 minutes of trying I called the secretary of the school begging for aid. One if the janitors lived close by and came to rescue me… he threw himself against the door and finally I was freed! Mortifying!

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  2. This was more funny than embarrassing, but here goes. I was at work with a boss who was very nervous and protective of me in my heavily pregnant state. One day I was sitting cross-legged at my desk and when I went to stand up to pull a file for him, my heel got caught in the hem of my drapey shirt. Visual: I started to stand, got halfway up, got a puzzled look on my face, and crashed to the floor. My boss assumed I had dropped to pop out the kid then and there and FREAKED looking for water and hot towels.

    The next day I left a copy of the “how to handle an in-office emergency delivery” from the “What to Expect” book on his desk. HAHAHAHAHAHA


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