Pregnancy TMI Help

Ok, this is going to be some serious TMI, but I need some advice and help! Desperately! For the last several weeks I have been having episodes of super loose stool and diarrhea. It doesn’t last all day, but it is mostly after dinner. It is really uncomfortable and even makes me nauseous. My dr told me that it is due to my anxiety, and we have upped my medication a little bit and it has helped. However, it still lingers around several times a week.

Have any of you experienced this? And if you have, how did you deal with it?

9 thoughts on “Pregnancy TMI Help

  1. When I was about three months pregnant with my first, I went to visit my parents, and it was a 3-hour drive home from the train station (rural area) and I got that problem. We just barely, barely, barely, managed to make it to a town that had a grocery store, and I was barely, barely, barely able to make it to the bathroom in the grocery store and then spend like an hour in there. It was awful, and somehow knowing that it could have been much much worse, makes it even more awful.

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    • I second this. I had your same problem during my second pregnancy and probiotics were the only thing that helped me. It took a few days after I first starting taking them for it to give me noticeable relief but when they worked boy did they work good. I would still ask your doctor but mine said they were safe. Not sure how far you are in but mine was the worst in the first trimester and beginning of the second. The rest of my pregnancy I no longer had this problem. Hope this helps 🙂

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  2. Is it happening after you eat certain foods? Could you track what you eat and cut some things out?
    I was that way at the beginning of my pregnancy, but it resolved by the second trimester. Hopefully it’s just a weird pregnancy thing and will go away soon!


  3. Hormones…and the way the baby is positioned may be contributing. Also, your immune system (which is largely driven by gut activity) is being teased and poked by your growing baby. I second the probiotic as well as anti-inflammatory foods and plenty of water. Feel better!


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