My Baby is Here

Well, I have been absent for awhile now, but a lot has gone down over the past few weeks! On December 19 I was care-flighted to Phoenix, AZ after I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Then on December 23, at 5:37 pm, after 26 hours of labor, I was given an emergency c-section after the baby’s heart rate dropped. She was 10 weeks early, gestational only 30 weeks, but is doing incredible! Since her birth she is breathing on her own, no longer has an IV, and has been able to tolerate her food! She is perfect and strong! Her name is Eisley Ann!

I am still a little shell shocked about everything, because it came so quickly, but my heart is so full of joy and love. I truly never knew I could love someone so much.




31 thoughts on “My Baby is Here

  1. Congrats to you and the whole family! All those surprises (and around the holidays too!) must have been very unsettling. Glad to hear she’s doing well and filling your heart with love.


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