End of Maternity Leave Anxiety

I have about two and a half weeks left of my maternity leave, and I am starting to get anxious about going back. Not because I have to work. I love my job. I am getting anxious about leaving my daughter. Granted, she will be staying with my MIL, which is such a blessing, but it won’t be the same. My daughter, Eisley, and I have been together since the day she was born, December 23. She was 10 weeks early, so I have stayed with her for an extra long time. She is healthy and strong, but I despise the idea of not being with her. 

The first 50 days of Eisley’s life were spent in the NICU, my husband and I would only get to see her for part of the day. A few hours. We stayed at my sister in law’s house which was 15 minutes from the hospital, and we would go there at night. I think a part of me feels a little bit like I did when we would leave her at the hospital. 

I never thought I would have a difficult time going back to work. These emotions are confusing and new for me. I am not sure how to handle them.

For you working moms, how did you handle going back to work after your leave? 

Here is Eisley trying to hide from me when I tried to wake her up this morning! How can I leave this little thing?!

7 thoughts on “End of Maternity Leave Anxiety

  1. My advice is try it, but if it’s too much then go with your gut.

    And with that said, check out local Facebook pages for tutors. You can make a killing locally and online. I should have probably mentioned this sooner. Keep it ok mind. Find local homeschool groups in your community. Embrace any needs. Build a social media following that shows your skill set through articles and posts. Wouldn’t hurt to start now as a back up plan. And don’t over analyze it. Be you. That’s enough. Your knowledge base is amazing.

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  2. It sucked a lot at first, honestly. Those first few days were hard for both her and me, but it got easier quickly. Like everything with babies, this, too, shall pass.
    But it’s okay to feel all the emotions and cry and rage against a society that forces mothers and babies apart so young. And then remember, as cruel as it is, babies grow up and thrive regardless. They’re resilient beasts. And time away, time at work – if you enjoy work, at least – can help you be 100% there for her when you’re together.

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  3. I was an awful mess, but I also hated my job at the time! We couldn’t afford for me to quit altogether, so we found part-time day care and I found work freelancing – now I can work from home and have my son home twice a week. Although we can’t afford much more than the necessities, I wouldn’t trade my time with my little guy for the world. Every mama is different – my rule was, give yourself two weeks and if you still feel like you need to be with your little one, you will find another way to make it work. You will find your balance, I promise!

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