A Touch of Anxiety – How Do You Deal? 

Today, I experienced a little bit of anxiety. The most annoying part of the experience was that I didn’t know why I was anxious. That is the worst! It sucks when I can’t identify the cause, because I feel like I can’t actively work to make it better. However, I didn’t let it ruin my day. I snuggled my baby, worked out, got my nails done, had dinner with my husband, and watched Kong: Skull Island (which was pretty good!) I still have a touch of anxiety, about a 1 out of 10, but I did my best to push past it and not let it control me. 

What are some ways you have pushed past your anxiety? 

10 thoughts on “A Touch of Anxiety – How Do You Deal? 

  1. When I get anxious I get itchy and tend to start scratching (stress seems to flare up my eczema) or sometimes I turn to food and can overeat. ☹️ Something that has helped me cope is to keep my hands busy by cooking or cleaning. This usually takes my mind of scratching or eating when I’m not hungry. And it feels good to get something done. 😊

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  2. Easter blessings for you and your family! In therapy, when we work on anxiety, we focus on breathing and getting back to the present moment, as anxiety is in the past or future. Although it is not easy, living in the present moment is what we can do. There, we can think clearly about what is going on. And wether or not we have any control over it.

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  3. I used to write down reminders on what to focus on, on notecards. Now we have phones. Setting reminders on my phone to give the reminders I need are helpful. Sometimes I don’t need them, but they do help when I do. I can set reminders to tell me to breathe, relax, pray, and to think about what I am grateful for.

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  4. I so relate to how you describe your anxiety on your blog. I like how you use a 1-10 scale; I may use that too. Because some days my anxiety is forefront, consuming…it’s been debilitating too. And other times it is subtly hanging in the background, reminding me it still hasn’t left me for good. To push through, I do a lot of things. But mostly I journal (privately, not on my blog), and otherwise I live in the moment and focus on what’s outside my mind in my environment. When I awaken with early morning anxiety and my heart is pounding, I do controlled breathing techniques to catch my breath and slow my heart rate. Thanks for sharing your struggles with anxiety. I’m still working through my own.

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