Weight Anxiety

This may sound petty, however, I have been anxious about my weight. It is not my normal, panic type anxiety, but it has been looping through my mind for a few weeks. I was hoping I would have lost more weight than I have since my daughter’s birth, but I have been stuck. It starts to feel like my weight loss goals are never going to be met. In the grand scheme of things I understand my weight doesn’t define me, but I do miss how I looked before I was pregnant. UGH!

Has anyone else experienced this?

20 thoughts on “Weight Anxiety

  1. Yeah, I can’t relate to the pregnancy obviously.. but I can to the powerless feeling of being in the body you don’t feel comfortable in. Compassion, time and effort… it will happen. 🙂 Sorry you’re feeling crappy about it though….

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  2. Yes, I’m feeling this right now. I’ve never been pregnant, but over the past couple of years I’ve gained weight and it’s eating me alive. I feel disgusting and I think about it constantly. It’s not petty, because it’s a real feeling. Society has made us feel this way, like we always have to be a certain weight with certain attributes. But you’re beautiful and the fact that your body carried a child is beautiful.

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  3. I get the anxiety thing soo much! It’s always been an issue for me. It took me about two years to loose the weight after my last little one. When I got out of the shower I did a lot of self affirmations. “I love my body.” while rubbing in my lotion. It helped a lot with the crazy thoughts about perfection and getting back to where I use to be. Good luck mama. So happy for you and your little bundle of joy.

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  4. Oh yes. I had twins 6 months ago, and my body looks very different. Lots of extra skin, stretched out muscles, and I still want to eat like I did when I was pregnant, so I have had a hard time losing weight. I did at first, but now I’m pretty sure I have gained some back. A lot of my clothes don’t fit like they used to, and it stinks. I still look about 5 months pregnant too. I don’t have any real advice, just that I can relate.

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  5. well i’ve never been pregnant but i do struggle with my weight. i’ve started to try to lose weight so many times and stopped and started so much that it feels like i’ll never meet my weight loss target. the anxiety around that is crippling. i just wan to get to 150 pounds! i’d be happy then! x

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  6. It isn’t petty~ your body is extremely important and I totally get having anxiety about it. I remember feeling the same way after my second son was born b/c the weight did not come off as easily as the first time. I just wrote a post about natural anxiety helpers if you are interested, the line in your post about ‘looping’ through your mind made me think of the herb Skullcap: http://botanicalalchemyandapothecary.com/nervines-and-other-natural-help-for-stress-and-anxiety

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  7. I just started blogging and found your page and realized We are going through similar stages in our lives, first time moms and trying to get back to ourselves while at the same time dealing with anxiety. I’m happy I found your blog and we relate in so many ways. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror and get dissapointed about not looking the same way I did but then I find encouragement thinking about how much I’ve grown, how much I’ve battled and how blessed I am with my little one and suddenly all concerns about my weight fade away. The goal is happiness and peace of mind. 🙂

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  8. i was never pregnant but since i was 10 year old , i was always anxious about my weight , but since 2015 i have got up too 300 lbs. i don’t even go out the house alone anymore because i don’t know what i would do if someone would make a remark behind my back if i heard it . i go to the store and if i end up seing someone looking at me funny , i get so anxious that i end up having panic attack , once i stop breathing and almost fainted. i have to walk out of the store, now i only go to a store with my Boyfriend he know if i start sweating or act funny to get me out. it sucks cause i have a handicap my anxiety is eating me alive. i am on medication to help with my anxiety. i hope one day i lose weight and start being happy! but when i’m home i’m so happy and not stressed !

    Thanks for sharing , i like knowing i am not the only one.
    love- jo

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