Why do I worry?

Why do I worry what people think?

There is nothing I can do to change it.

Why does my mind go in circles?

I just relieve the same moment.

Why can’t I be confident all the time?

I need to trust myself and be strong.

It’s time I let it all go.

Give to God what I cannot control.

I cannot take up space in my mind.

I give it all to God.

4 thoughts on “Why do I worry?

  1. You are not alone! I deal with the exact same struggles! I’ve chosen my “word of the year” to be “confidence”, and it’s amazing how many references to confidence I’ve heard just in this past week. I just try to remember that what God thinks about me is more important than what everyone else thinks, and remembering that helps a lot. It doesn’t make the feelings go away completely, but it helps to tell the truth to myself.

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