Redfored movement in Arizona

Things have been pretty intense here in Arizona in regards to education! We just ended day two of our strike, and it feels amazing to be apart of something so monumental and historic. We want the best for our students, and right now they aren’t getting it. The educational funding in AZ is pathetic, and it’s awful because the kids are the ones who are loosing out. We are all standing together to ensure our kids get what they deserve!

Over the last few weeks I have been apart of two demonstrations, and each time I feel so full of energy. It’s exciting to rally and come together as a community. Most of the responses in town are positive. Whenever there is negativity, we make sure we respond positively because, in the end, we are setting examples for our students.

My daughter was even able to come to both rallies! Yay! I love that when she is older, she will be able to say she took part in this historical moment.

5 thoughts on “Redfored movement in Arizona

  1. I’ve been reading updates from my teacher friends in Arizona and I stand by you and all teachers. You’re hard workers and are shaping the people who will run the world tomorrow. You don’t get nearly enough pay for what’s expected of you, and for the responsibility you have!

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