Be proud of You!

No matter who you are, be proud! Love who you are as a human being! We were all created to be different, so why do we all want to be like everyone else? Where is the beauty in conformity? Singularity? It’s monotonous!

I am proud of the quirky woman I have become. I’m not ashamed to admit that on Friday nights I would rather stay home and Netflix Binge than go out and party (granted I am 33 and have a 1 year old! Haha). I love YA books, cheesy romance, animals with big noses, the power of words, and watching thunderstorms. I am not ashamed.

However, I do admit that I continue to struggle with body image, as stated in earlier posts, and have for years. I am working on being happy with the body God gave me, and not compare myself to the “perfect” image of what a woman should be. It’s ok to be thick and proud!

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