I am so tired I cannot sleep… I am literally lying here staring at the ceiling and listening to the ragged snores of my husband. I love him deeply, but with my jealously and annoyance (towards the snoring) he may just get hit with a pillow!

I’m not sure why my brain has suddenly forgotten how to fall asleep, but I find it incredibly inconvenient and annoying!

I long to drift off to another world, and restore my body through blissful sleep, but it appears that I will be listening to the “sawing of logs” all night. 😑

4 thoughts on “Sleepless…

  1. The last time Chad had a sinus infection he snored even louder than normal. I had to put in earplugs and that didn’t do much. I kept repeating the same two thoughts in my head, “He can’t help it (even if he did roll over)” and “Murder is a felony.” 😀 Ah, marriage is fun. 😛

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