Attention Writers and Dreams! I have a question

One of the biggest dreams in life is to write a novel. I always have so many ideas, but they seem to be equally partnered with just as many excuses. I start writing, and then I get writer’s block, and eventually give up on the idea out of pure frustration.

I feel frustrated with myself because if I had kept going through the struggle, I could have a decent manuscript by now. That thought alone is infuriating and it keeps me up at night.

Now that I have a child, it seems even more difficult to work on my writing. I hardly have time to myself, let alone time to dedicate to writing.

Have any of you had a similar problem? And if you have, how have you been able to handle it?

10 thoughts on “Attention Writers and Dreams! I have a question

  1. I have a novel I have been working on since high school (over 12 years!), and while it is complete, it isn’t quite what I want yet. I think a good portion of it needs to be rewritten, but I ran out of ideas and have really put it on the back burner due to having kids. I really want to start making some regular time for myself to work on it. I’m still figuring out those details. When I do have time to myself it is so easy to waste it playing games or on my phone.

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    • YES!!! I get lost just roaming around in my phone too. I think it’s because I’m so mentally as physically exhausted at the end of work (I’m a teacher) that playing on my phone takes no mental effort, so it feels good to not think lol


  2. I have felt exactly the same way my whole life. I’ve always written poems no problem. But any time I try to write something substantial I always get “stuck”! While I haven’t succeeded in overcoming this yet, I have identified some/most of the reasons I seem to struggle:
    – Perfection…I spend more time rewriting than writing new pages.
    – No Planning…with pretty much of all my other writing I just feel inspired and write. I don’t really plan ahead. I think if I could make an outline and stick to it I could get a whole story completed. I have yet to be successful at that either 🤷🏼‍♀️
    – Not starting small….I’ve always tried for a novel. I’ve wanted to try a few short stories and then maybe try for something a bit longer…
    I’ve also had a lot of suggestions to try taking a writing class…
    I actually just found a novel I started in grade school and worked on for years…re-reading it really inspired me to try again…and I had a itch to re-write it again 😱
    I don’t know if any of that helped, but if you ever need an ear…

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