Writing is a Journey- How do you travel it?

How many of you are writers? Me too! I love stringing words together to make beautiful phrases and mental images. It’s my passion.

In earlier blog posts, I have written about my fear of beginning a novel. Or should I say, completing one. I have started so many stories, but they always seem to fade off when I hit writers block, or I can’t see past the event I am stuck on.

For whatever reason, once I hit this spot in my writing, I get in my own way. My doubts and insecurities as a writer surface and I just leave the project. I know it is unhealthy, and it’s my goal to move beyond it and finally finish.

How do you move past your fears and writers block? Does writing expose any of your insecurities?

6 thoughts on “Writing is a Journey- How do you travel it?

  1. The only way out is through, unfortunately. Putting that next word down, then the next. Setting myself a goal of a certain number of words a day helps, because then I just gotta power through.
    The first draft is gonna be a hot mess no matter what you do, but once you get it down, you can make it better.

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  2. I always get stuck about 2/3 of the way thru. And once I’m stuck, no amount of trying to force my writing works. So, I move on to other projects with the hopes that the original will speak to me again. I’ve been lucky thus far. I’ve finished all 4 that this has happened with. The trick is to keep writing, even if it is a different project


  3. Brute Force!! I keep hitting blocks and I have to remember that it’s a bit like getting a stitch when you run (not that I run, but you get the gist!) … the temptation is to give into it and stop, but then the momentum is lost and it’s even harder to continue. Or, we fight through it and it’s utter purgatory but the satisfaction afterwards is far greater and the job is then done. Right, now all I have to do is to take my own advice and get off my bony ass and get writing!! Good luck and keep me posted! Katie xx

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