Full Mind!

So much has happened in the last few weeks! My mother in law finally went to the doctor and has been able to express her struggles with anxiety and is now receiving the treatment she needs! It has been such a blessing that she finally was able to go to the doctor. It has taken years. I feel such a huge weight off my shoulders. It feels so good to know she has help other than my husband and I. It was such a heavy burden to carry.

Also, I got a new job! I am moving up to high school to teach our advanced freshmen and sophomores! After 8 years at my middle school, it was such a hard decision but I felt God opened these doors for me. I needed to take him up on the offer and see where he leads.

Normally, I love counting down the days until the end of the year, but it is bittersweet Now. I only have 9 days left. It is the only school I have ever taught at. And I met my husband there. So many beautiful memories. I’m sure I’ll cry on the last day! I tear up just thinking about it! The great part though, is that the 8th graders I have now, will be with me again next year! Yay!

I feel so blessed through all of the chaos in my life. There has been struggle but also joy and peace. I trust God in all things. Hope for a future that is grand!

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