Difficult Day

Today ended up being a difficult one for me. I didn’t sleep well last night, as my previous post suggests, and as a result, my emotions were all over the place. Particularly my anxiety.

So, I recently got a new job, which I am incredibly excited for. I will be moving a to a new school. A High school. I will be teaching freshmen and sophomores in the advanced program. Actually, it is at the high school my 8th graders feed into, so I am going to have them again next year, as well as have my students from the year before last. It is such an incredible opportunity.

However, I am leaving the middle school that I have been at for 8 years. It is the school where I began my teaching career. It’s where I met my husband. We still work together there to this day. It is my home. But I felt the pull to move on. To try something new. God opened the door at the school I wanted, and the administration wanted me to come. How could I say no?

Today, i started packing up my classroom. Really cleaning things out, and putting it all into boxes. Suddenly, I felt an ache as I placed each item into a box. These are the things I have collected over the years. The memories from nearly a decade in a place I love. A place that has given me so much.

I know I made the right decision, and God has a plan for my future at the high school. I trust Him completely. I am also looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I just wasn’t prepared for all the emotions that were going to come with it. It just hit so hard today.

I am going to go forward and allow myself to go through the process of change and trust that all will work out. I will cling to God in the moments of sadness, and look forward to the rewards of that growth.

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