Long and Amazing Week

My first week as a high school teacher is complete! I am exhausted, but I’m a great way. My students were amazing, and I loved seeing them again. Next week we are going to be getting into the content and start setting up expectations. I am going to continue to strive to challenge them and make sure they get the most out of it. I know they will be up for the challenge!

Also, this week, today in fact, I met with the doctor about my constant ear infections and coughing for the last several months. I have been anxious about it because I was afraid they would just pass me along and write it off as me being ridiculous. Sometimes I think doctors make the assumption that people make up symptoms. Or maybe that’s my own anxiety talking…

But the doctor was wonderful he took time to listen to what I had to say, and his exam showed I was having issues. I am going to go on different allergy meds, and see him again in two weeks.

We also discussed my anxiety and my sleep patterns. I let him know I have been a little more anxious and I haven’t been sleeping. It’s so hard to fall asleep. I think I even get anxious trying to sleep because I know it will be a struggle. However, he told me to take 5mg of melatonin and to read my book. He said it would lull me to sleep! That’s the greatest prescription I have ever had! Read my book and take melatonin! Amazing!

I am getting ready to go read my book, and hopefully be lulled to sleep! Wish me luck!!

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